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You have a nice photo to post on facebook, instagram but there is unwanted content that you do not know how to remove it so you do not respond to the picture. Touchretouch will help you remove those unwanted guests.

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Photos keep your unforgettable memories so that unwanted content in the photo makes you unhappy. With touchretouch you will be provided with powerful function that help you customize your photo as you like quickly and easily in just a few clicks. When your photo becomes beautiful, perfect. than to post to facebook, instagram, etc .. or simply show it to mom. Photo editing has never been so fast and easy with just the fingers you’ve become professional photographers.

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Touchretouch gives you many useful and easy-to-use features:


1.Object Removal:

Delete unwanted objects, either deliberately or unintentionally, in your photos. In this tool you will use the brush to select in detail small objects to remove from the image.

This feature allows you to delete details whether small or difficult to delete it does not matter, requires you to fine-tune the zoom to light up. Once you have cleared the image, you can select the resolution of the image to export the image in the Export section.

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2.Quick Repair:

In this feature there are two other small features that are Quick Brush and Blemish Remover. Quick Brush quickly removes unwanted objects. This feature is suitable for photos with large objects and not too much detail. Touch and have a divine image.

Blemish Remover is suitable for portrait shots, removing freckles, acne, or excess unwanted details.

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3.Line Removal:

Wired, the feature is suitable for “Street Life” photos and is especially suitable for our country when the wire is interspersed, which sometimes contributes to making an image of the image. true life.


In this feature there are two small features: Line Remover, when selected this feature you will quickly delete a line as soon as you just release the finger and Segment Remover, allows you to zoom up to delete in detail.


4.Clone Stamp:

In this feature, you can duplicate or copy the desired object in the image.

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And you can create a lot of using tools in the touchretouch like clearing up acne on your face so your skin becomes smooth in the selfi image or you can remove the bike while you are riding an ant You become like floating in the air. There are many other uses that all depend on your creativity.


TouchTouch photo editing software is not free at other web sites but at our site you will get free and secure touchrrtouch apk photo editing software. Get it now at androidmobileos.

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