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In all Android devices, there is a common app manager that can explore some types of files like audio, video, images etc. But what if you want to explore more? I mean if you have the desire to get root access to your device, then what do you do? You want to see all the file in your device? You want to delete all file you not use then Root Explorer is the best software we want to introduce to you.

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Root Explorer?

In a simple word, Root Explorer is a kind of file manager available for Android devices. There are many files that are not commonly seen in an Android device though rooting and using this application can display the files.

This app is not free, you will have to purchase it for a small fee from other web site but in our web site you will be downloaded root explorer free and save.

Thus, this original file explorer application has great features on how to display internal and invisible files. Using Root Explorer will give you full control over your Android device. You may already know that roots allow deep access to a device! Yes, that’s right, but if you do not use an explorer or nice file manager to discover your device’s data, then it will be a lot of busy to have access to the device. make up your.


The native file manager can not still show you hidden files after the root. Therefore, using a reliable application is essential.

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Why We Need Root Explorer?

In this section, we will tell you the reason for using this explorer root file.

It may be noted that it is not more convenient to use the native app manager which comes pre-installed in Android device. There are some limitations to using it as you can not access multiple files via it. This distance is met with Root Explorer (after root). So, it improves the power of Android management. In addition, you do not need to learn technical things to use this app. Besides, it can share files via Bluetooth way too easily.

So here are the reasons why you should also use this explorer root file.


How to use Root Explorer?

So you’ve learned a lot about Root Explorer (APK). Now learn how to use this powerful application.


First of all, you will need to eradicate the phone. So, eradicate your Android phone following any of the safest methods available. Do not forget to back up your phone data before the root.

Then,Download and install the Root Explorer APK on your Android device. From the “All apps” point of view, you can find application settings. So, launch it after getting on your device.

This application is very easy to use, so you will not need to know anything technical. There is a folder marked “…” which is used to move to the folder. Using the back button, you can go back to the root directory.

Like the built-in application manager, you can use Root Explorer by hitting and holding any file. This will open the context menu for any subsequent actions such as sending, copying, editing, renaming, deleting, viewing properties, etc.

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Tapping on the back key will close the context menu. You can use the Menu button to open the main menu of this application. You can have room for selecting multiple files, creating or deleting folders, searching, etc..


If you want to manage files in your device or want to explore your device download now root explorer apk free at

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