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Minecraft PE – Pocket Edtion is a Minecraft version of the android that has the same bugs and scars as the PC version gives the user the best experience. Minecraft is an extremely popular game played by nearly 100 million people in the world every day. Minecraft PE  is Minecraft version on the Android device so players can enjoy playing on your phone.

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Minecraft is a stand-alone electronic game in an open world. Initially it was created by Swedish programmer Markus “Notch” Persson and was later developed and released by Mojang. Minecraft creativity and build capabilities allow players to build buildings by building blocks of textures in a 3D world. Other activities in the game include searching, collecting resources, making and fighting. There are many game modes available, including survival mode, where players must find resources to build the world and maintain health, innovative mode where players have unlimited resources to build. and able to fly, adventure mode where players play maps created by others and the spectator mode, where players can fly through the blocks, but can not interact with the blocks. Minecraft: Pocket Edtion is a Minecraft version of the android that has the same bugs and scars as the PC version gives the user the best experience.Minecraft PE - Pocket Edition APK New Version Free Download 02


Minecraft PE still gives players a great experience like playing on the pc. Excellent game graphics, simple but always give players satisfaction. World of Minecraft PE is an open world so the game does not limit any player’s goals. Players can set their own goals, be free to build their own world or go anywhere to explore it all depends on the choice of players.

In addition to the first viewing mode, players feel like they are in the Minecraft world, if you do not like playing the first angle then you can switch to the third viewing mode.

The game offers players 2 different modes to explore: survival, creativity.

Survival Mode: Players must look for natural resources such as wood, and rocks to create blocks and other items. Depending on difficulty, monsters will be born in dark places and players must find a shelter. This mode also has health bars, which can be hungry (in difficult, medium, hard) and lose blood if attacked by monsters, falling into lava, choking, starving or falling.

There are many items that Minecraft PE players can create manually such as weapons, clothing, and items. Weapons like swords help them beat monsters and animals with ease. Some tools, such as axes, hoes, cups and shovels, make it easier to cut trees, find ores, and dig up soil. Players find the villagers to exchange goods

The ultimate goal of the game is to defeat Ender Dragon and then wither. After defeating Ender, you will continue playing as usual.

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Creative mode: In the creative mode, the player has unlimited energy, has all the resources and tools in the game. They can place or destroy them immediately. Players are also able to fly freely around the world in the game, not attack or die.This mode is mainly for players to create and make great works.

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-You can play anywhere on your phone without having to bend the space on your regular pc.

-Easy to operate on your phone.


There are many websites that offer you Minecraft: pocket edition but those sites will not guarantee your device’s safety. Get it now on androidmobileos.com for the latest,free and secure minecraft: pocket edition.

What are you waiting for? Download minecraft: pocket edition APK at androidmobileos.com and create your own world.

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