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Inoty Pro APK Free Download For Android Device

Now, Apple has just released OS 10 (the next version of os 9)You can not buy the iPhone 6s and you want the OS10 design style? Want to use iNoty iOS 10 of Android with styled os 10 phones?

Maybe you are using an Android phone that you use some features of OS 10?

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INoty 10 style OS is the perfect combination of (lock screen notification of os 10, ilauncher, control panel, control center) and iControl (Control Panel os 10 iPhone theme). You will have experience to be using OS10 with iNoty.


This is the free and best OS10 notification app for Android devices. iNoty stle os 10 helps you get cooler OS10 notification center to make your Android phone have a notification center that will have iOS theme for iphone 10. This application brings the theme for iOS 10 on your android phone. . Get your hands on the 10-style center-style operating system on your Android device, but you do not know what the best iNoty application for Android is.

This everything shows application control and displays all OS style 10 iNoty in your Android phone with new style, theme phone, smooth and design from ilauncher, inotify, panel Controller, control center will take you to a new experience.

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iNoty OS 10 has a lot of features:


❖ Set the notifications you want to display with inoty (or inotify) os 10

❖ Customize your os10 inoty

❖ Display provider, percentage pin, network connection ….

 iNoty full version (free for all)

❖ iControl function of iNoty – inotify OS 10

❖ fast search application with search bar style os ilauncher 10

❖ From bar settings menu: Android open settings, change mode,

❖ Missed call notification, you can call or sms again with a tap

❖ Design a message style iOS 10, very nice and easy to control

❖ Notification Center to display notifications for you to receive such OS10 style.

❖ Present and inform information.

❖ Custom notification bar like os 10 with iNoty style 10 operating system.

❖ Blur HD background image

❖ Display new inoty information (title, description, icon …)

❖ Display calendar, event inoty, note information

❖ Support Notification Lock Screen OS10

❖ Intelligent Operating System Support 10

 iNoty – inotify the OS style 10 event program tomorrow to remind you of what to do tomorrow.

❖ Show the next record from your current time.

❖ View real-time weather forecasts.

 iNoty support set time 12h or 24h format.

❖ More beautiful and smooth look like iOS 10 theme.

❖ Current carrier, signal strength and wifi signal is the same as os 10 theme

❖ Information and display warning about the notification center as per os 10.

❖ Present percentage pin, date time, carrier.

❖ Background blur, simple flat design.

❖ Download nice background hd, and custom iNoty background

❖ Small but powerful.

❖ Smooth animated inoty style on iPhone.

❖ Not only display the notification but also change the notification application to become very nice.

Remember, you will be able to set up everything inoty to fit you want.

 iNoty – inotify iOS 10 support for quick turn on / off wifi, cellular data, Bluetooth, flash, navigation, control panel, control center

❖ Swipe down to open a notification to check the message.

❖ Swipe to appear inoty or calendar event for tomorrow, feature, …

❖ Present and inform information.

❖ Convert for data connection

❖ Convert to Portrait Orientation

❖ Switch on / off flashlight

❖ Convert to flight mode

❖ Convert to silent mode

❖ Converter for Bluetooth

❖ Conversion for battery saving

❖ Brightness conversion

❖ Convert to position

❖ Convert to Wi-Fi


Download now iNoty to have IOS style right on your android phone. Download free and save at

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