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Infinity Light is a simulation game where you can fly the plane as a true pilot. If you want to experience flying, infinity flight is the best choice for you.

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Flight Infinite offers the most comprehensive Flight Simulator experience on mobile devices, whether you are a curious newbie or a decorated pilot. Explore high definition scenery in regions from around the world with our diverse inventory of detailed planes, tailoring each flight by picking your time of day, weather conditions, and configure the aircraft weight.

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With Flight Infinity simulator you will be able to experience as a pilot on your main android device. With a simple gameplay you will be able to enjoy the airtime in the sky watching the world famous places on the phone.


When starting flight infinity, there will be training for you in detail, you will easily get used to the job of flying a plane and then you just need to enjoy flying around the world by yourself.

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The flight infinity simulator is designed to be as thorough and comprehensive as possible to give you true-to-life visibility. The sound of flight infinity is also a highlight with realistic sound, details depend on each aircraft. If you use a headset, it looks like you are flying a plane.




Users can customize some parameters of the game, namely weather, time of day, place and plane.


Weather options give you a choice between speed, visibility, wind direction and wind. No thunderstorms or clouds during the day of preset day including day and night, sunrise and sunset.


As far as airports and locations are concerned, Infinite Flight Simulator offers over 140 airports across dozens of areas, including Wisconsin, San Francisco and Southern California. Airports have parking and taxi rides. There are also a number of airlines for your choice, such as Lufthansa, British Airways, US Airways, KLM, Virgin Atlantic, UPS, South Africa and more.

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The selection of aircraft is really excellent in the Infinite Flight Simulator, and you can even fly a space shuttle, even though its mission only includes landing, so keep that in mind when you choose it.


Infinite Flight Simulator is the classic of the flight simulation genre with a stellar selection of aircraft, locations and airports, where the most difficult part is in learning how to manage the airplane’s flight dynamics and the tilt controls of your device. You will be able to enjoy fully the app once you master the controls, and it is well worth to break a sweat. The game is extremely detailed and rewarding for a savvy player, while newcomers may feel a bit challenged. However, if you are flight simulation fan, by all means install the app since it is one of the best of its kind on . The developers’ feedback contributes to making it even better with each new release, so once you install it, you will want to keep it for good, exploring new features as they come, polishing your skills and mastering more complex aircraft.




What you waiting for? Time for flying. Download now Infinity flight simulator at


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