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The application is the source of smartness for your phone. Google play store is a source of intelligence. Google play store is an application developed by google so you will be completely assured about the applications loaded inside.

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Google play store is a product line developed by google and managed. Inside google play is the application booth with countless apps for android devices. These applications are provided free or paid for by developers.


Not only provides the best applications for users, but there are other areas within the store for other utilities:


1.Music: google play music offers you the latest songs for you.

2.Books: google play store also gives you a library of over 4 million books to give you the freedom to choose

3.Movie: Over 1,000 movies and TV shows provide you with HD resolution.

4.Games: is the largest game store with thousands of attractive games for you to choose from that download your device.

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With millions of apps, musics, books, movies, games, the google play store offers a wide variety of options.


With a very simple to use interface including games, app, movie and book in each folder will have countless products for you. Applications are updated daily to bring the latest products to customers. Google play store also provides a self-updating mechanism inside your computer so you can rest assured not to miss any new updates for your apps and games.


Inside every folder is arranged to the customer to find the product that you want the fastest. Each folder is classified by topic. Not only that, but also the rankings of the games, app, books, movies are downloaded the most for users to refer.


With the latest version of google play store you can easily pay for products that you purchase through paypal extremely convenient.

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google play store gives you a great selection of apps, games, books, movies.

Besides, the ability to update support for long-term users so you always have the latest updates.

Great application store but optimized for simple product search


Disadvantages: Due to the large application warehouses so many applications have not been optimized completely when installed on the device has not had the best experience, there are still lag phenomenon.




-How do I get the app on my device?

Answer: You need to set up 1 gmail to login to google play store. Then you just need to search for app and most install button. The product you want to download will be installed

– how to update the application?

Answer: Google Play Store will automatically update your application if you do not have an update, then you will find the application in the store and click the update button when the application will be updated.

– Do I have to pay for downloads?

Answer: There are many free applications for you but there are some applications that you pay when you can pay through paypal very fast.




To install CH Play APK first you need to download CH Play APK to the computer then go to Settings> Security and uncheck Unknown sources and then proceed to install. After the installation process is finished open the application and use gmail login and use only.


There are many websites that support downloading google play store but at we ensure download application is safe and free.


Please visit to get the google play store free for your device and the thousands of other apps.

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