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Framaroot Terbaru APK - Strong Root Free Download For Android

Framaroot is an extremely powerful android device app that allows you to deeply intrude on your phone. Make a lot of features that you can explore.

Do you want to take your your android device. Do you want to root device that do not know how to root root. You are depend on the root device must have a pc.Androidmobileos introduced to you root software does not need to pc : Framaroot.

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Root server on Android only simplized is using permission permissions to be able to over more than on the phone, it does not like your restore, up rom cook other or change your kernel.There are many ways to root an Android phone, and Framaroot is one of those tools that has this feature.Use Framaroot utility at the you don’t be used to computer, running this software on Android and only lost 30s is your computer was root.

Steps for executing root with Framaroot:

1.Download the latest Framaroot at our site.

Download the file apk, so copy it to the phone and install as normal software.

  1. Run Framaroot for the first time you will have the following options: Install Superuser – Install SuperSU – Unroot.
  2. Click Install SuperSU and hit Boromir
  3. If prompted: “Success … Superuser and su bin installed. You have to reboot your device.” In case of failure, try Install Superuser.
  4. Reboot the machine. You will see the SuperSu logo in appdraw
  5. To ensure that the machine has rooted successfully, you can install Root Checker software (link on Google Play). The software has “Verify Root Access” button. If you have successfully rooted, you will see a message saying “Congratulations! This device has root access”.

Framaroot Terbaru APK - Strong Root Free Download For Android 2


Is framaroot work on my device ?

If your device is in the compatibility list above, the short answer is : yes but it depends of your firmware version, latest firmware have less chance to be rooted.

If your device is not in the compatibility list and it embed one of the processor mentionned above, the answer is : try it and see.

Why framaroot doesn’t root anymore after I update my device ?

Because framaroot exploit security holes present in several devices which has been patched with update you have done, so exploits can’t root your device anymore. Framaroot’s exploits have a very short life to keep your device “less exposed” to others malicious application. Keep in mind that framaroot is not a permanent rooting application.

I loose root after update, what I can do to root my device now ?

An advice : if you want to have a chance to keep root after update, don’t update with Kies or ODIN for samsung devices or don’t flash system partition, prefer OTA update and use OTA survival feature in Superuser or SuperSU.

And if you have no choice, you can use the traditional method : flash tools specific to your device

Will framaroot include more exploits ?

Yes, but don’t ask when since I don’t know myself, it depend of the vendors fix response.

Framaroot crash when I select Gandalf exploit ?

Often the first time you launch Framaroot by selecting Gandalf as exploit, it crash Framaroot. Don’t worry, in this case you have to re-launch Framaroot and select Gandalf again, the second time it should work.

What means error# on result ?

All errors less or equal to 9 mean your device is not vulnerable.

If you get error#10, give a try with Framaroot 1.5.3.

All other errors need some investigation about your kernel image.

Framaroot say Success but SuperSU is not installed after reboot ?

Maybe there is some additional protection on your device or something goes wrong with SuperSU version embedded in Framaroot.

In this case, I recommend to use “Execute script” action and put your own shell script commands in /sdcard/custom (use at your own risk, all commands are executed with root privileges). Look at this post to know how to use custom script.


What you waiting for download now FramaRoot apk absolutely save and secure at


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