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ePSXe APK - Play PS1 For Anroid Device Free Download

ePSXe is an application that can help you play past PS1 games on your Android phone, with great processing speed, and delivers smoother and sharper images than the current TV screen. Even on tablets with large screens, the simulator also allows two players at the same time. Although the virtual buttons are not part of the “hands” for many action games or opposites.

How to play PS1 titles such as Silent Hill, Bloody Roar, Castlevania … on android? You have such questions , androidmobileos has the answer for you is that you download ePSXe immediately to have the experience as playing PlayStation video game on your phone.

How to setup ePSXe?

ePSXe APK - Play PS1 For Anroid Device Free Download 1

First you run downloaded apk file to install on Android device first. Once installed, in turn:

1.Extract the downloaded BIOS and copy to the memory of the machine (memory card or internal memory are)

2.Run ePSXe, go to Preferences> BIOS file> find out where to extract the BIOS and choose one of them (Bios SCPH-1001 is best for US games, for the game in Japanese you should choose SCPH-1000. , select SCPH-7003).

You are ready to “battle” the game.


Download and copy games


The online game source is endless and you can google. You go to the site and then find the game you want to play, download (ISO) and then extract the file BIN / ECM / … into the device.


When finished, run ePSXe and select Run game, the list of copied games will appear (note if you can not find the game, then press the […] right corner of the screen> Browse files or press the button refresh to scan the whole machine.

ePSXe APK - Play PS1 For Anroid Device Free Download 2

Experience and some small customizations


Actual play shows that PS2 simulator games on ePSXe really optimized and very smooth, graphics even more beautiful than the color TVs I used to play.


In addition, we can set more in Preferences such as Frame, sound, buttons, … ePSXe also supports both memory card to save the game so be assured.

ePSXe APK - Play PS1 For Anroid Device Free Download 3

With any game you can press the back button and a menu will pop up allowing you to save / load the current state (for hard and easy death situations). You can also click on Cheat Codes to get a cheat list available for the current game, such as the image below.

Android version:

Processor: ARM or x86 (Intel Atom)

Operating system: Android 2.3.3 or newer


What you waiting for download now ePSXe apk absolutely save and secure at androidmobileos.


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